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Some of your Questions:

Dates, Travel, Accomodation and Fees

When does the summer school start & finish?
2023: Summer school begins at 10am on Tuesday July 25, 2023, and ends on the evening of Sunday 30th July.
Where is the summer school?
IT Sligo, Ballinode. Map Location
Where/when do we go on Tuesday Morning?
9:30am IT Sligo Main Concourse (The entrance near the giant fish!) 10am every other morning with the first workshop in the Aurivo auditorium unless otherwise announced.
What international airport is the nearest to Sligo?
The nearest international airport is Knock – which serves UK and a handful of European destinations. For other European travellers, we recommend flying to Dublin or UK and connecting by train to Sligo station. It is also possible to reach Sligo via Shannon airport but connections are more difficult without a car.
How far is Sligo from Dublin airport?
2:30 hours by road. 3 hrs by train (www.irishrail.ie), 3:30 by bus (buseireann.ie) from Connolly station plus a short bus trip connection to/from Dublin airport.
Is accommodation available, and if so, what type?
YES, in Benbulben Court apartments. All rooms are ensuite, with TV and WiFI. You book the accommodation directly with the providers this year as outlined here
Map Location
How much is tuition?
Prices are subject to change, please see our bookings page each year for pricing details.
How much does accommodation cost, and how is it done?
from €250 per room depending on the type of room.Instruction re booking accommodation are in the summer school accommodation section.
Does “Single” (or “Double”) Sharing Apartment mean you have a separate bedroom?
Yes, you just share a common kitchen with others. Your bedroom has a bathroom attached.
Does Benbulben Court supply towels and linen?
When can we check in to our accommodation?
From 3pm on Monday 24 July at Benbulben Court, Clarion Road Sligo. Turn in to main Clayton Hotel entrance avenue and then keep left, rather than turning right into the hotel car park, this road takes you around to the Benbulben Court - there is a reception/office there. If you arrive later, after office hours, please check the office door as there is 24 hour security and there will be somebody assigned to check you in even after hours, probably a phone number on the office door.
If I can get to Knock Ireland West, how do I get to Sligo?
Buses run from Ireland West airport to Sligo, check the buseireann.ie website. We can not guarantee pickup at Knock. Exclusive pickups can cost up to €50 depending on driver availability. Beware: Taxis from Knock – Sligo can cost up to €100. Check www.buseireann.ie or Knock airport website for more info.
I live outside of Ireland. Can I pay via Paypal or a credit card?
Please use our new shop on this website to book and pay your summer school fees by vredit card on Eventbrite, our paymnet provider.

Age Limits, Youth FAQ

Are there age limits?
We accept participants from 10 years old and upwards, with a recommended guideline of Grade 3 upwards (classical or rockschool grades). With regards the festival venues, there may be age restrictions on some late night events but most venues are very cooperative.
Can I send my child to the summer school unaccompanied?
No. Minors must be delivered/picked up by adults to/from the summer school, and accompanied in their accommodation, either by a parent, guardian or older sibling. The guardian must take charge of minors outside of workshops/masterclasses and accompany them to all concerts. See our code of conduct page for more info.

Summer School Workshops, Levels, Grades

I’m coming to the summer school and am a beginner/intermediate level player – what standards should I look at prior to the event?
Have a look at this website http://www.jazzstandards.com/compositions/index.htm – its a list of the most popular standards, so anything from this list is a good start! Don’t worry though as there will no doubt be new tunes introduced during the week, perhaps even some originals depending on tutor & level.
I’m really a jazz beginner, will I learn anything or will it be over my head?
We recommend a guideline playing standard of Grade 3 or higher to benefit fully from our summer school. Reading ability is a huge plus. We do cater for jazz beginners, meaning someone who has decent chord knowledge and moderate playing technique but may not have played jazz before. Best thing is try to get your head (or voice/limbs!) around some jazz standards before you come, prepare as much as possible, and you will learn loads and have a lot of fun.
Are there certain parts of the repertoire we should know in advance?
It is good for jazz beginners to learn a few basic standards. Contact SJP for a list of these. However during the summer school, each tutor will decide on their repertoire, for ensembles and masterclass work.
Can you advise what the format of the week is?
Schedule is published each year in June. Click this link for a sample schedule: SJP SUMMER SCHOOL SCHEDULE 2017. The Summer school runs 10am-4pm from Tuesday to Saturday afternoon, plus final rehearsal and participant performance Sunday morning & afternoon and a final “Wrap Party” Sunday night. The mornings begin with special workshops, followed by ensemble classes. There is an in-house lunch (TUES-FRI ONLY) followed by Masterclasses until 4pm. Ensembles can then rehearse until the school closes at 5:30pm. Student ensembles, directed by faculty members, will then perform the material they have rehearsed throughout the week in concert on the Sunday afternoon. There are evening (6pm) jam sessions each day - CHECK SCHEDULE FOR VENUE - and at night after the main festival concerts. Main festival concerts happen at 8pm each night in the Hawk’s Well Theatre unless stated otherwise. Admission to all festival concerts is included in the summer school fees, unless otherwise stated.
How do you decide on levels so as to assign students to combos, etc?
There may be a brief assessment by your tutor on the first morning – but we rely on students to fill in their questionnaires in full on application forms prior to this, and use this info in assembling the basic ensembles.
Are there evening events and jams?
Yes every evening, in various venues – and free festival concerts for all participants. Final programme is published in June, or check website for regular updates. See our programme download page
Approximately how many people will be on the course?
Over 110, probably around 130.
Are meals included?
Lunch is included from Tues-Friday at IT Sligo. Saturday and Sunday participants must fend for themselves as we run lunchtime events away from the school.

Equipment FAQ

What equipment (other than the instrument) should we bring?
If you are a guitarist or bassist living in Ireland, please bring your amp/combo if possible. There will be some amplifiers available, but those travelling from abroad without equipment will be given precedence. Likewise for electronic pianos and drum kits, please bring yours if it is convenient. Double bassists travelling to Ireland, who cannot bring theirs: we will have 2 double basses available for traveling students at the summer school (a small rental charge may apply)
Will there be amplification there?
As above. There will be a vocal monitor in each room and a limited amount of backline throughout the school.
Is there a music shop close by?
There is a small music shop in the centre of Sligo (2Km from school) but with limited stock of strings etc. Bottom line: Bring everything you need, to be on the safe side!