Cathal Roche (IE)

Cathal Roche Saxophones.
Cathal Roche has been at the forefront of developing innovative new music in Ireland for the last 10 years. His reputation as a saxophonist working in extended saxophone techniques is unparalleled. He continues to develop his skill set as he moves increasingly into new compositional mediums such as surround sound multi-tracking (Lork Horns, Boyle Arts Festival, 2016).
Roche’s main musical collaborations in the last three years have been the Kimura – Roche Duo (with pianist Izumi Kimura), DAO with Polish Percussionist Rafael Kolachi, crOw with co-composer Ian Wilson, (also through mulitple innovative projects for improvising saxophonist and an assortment of partners and media devsied collaboratively with Wilson). Roche is long established in the Dublin jazz scene through his work with the iconic jazz ensemble The Dirty Jazz Club, who have been performing collectively for last 18 years. Resident in Co. Leitrim, Roche has spent over a decade further developing his performance practice through engagement in arts residencies, study and transcription of speech intonation, and devising musical narratives through extended solo performances for live and multi-tracked voices and saxophones. Using a 32-speaker array, Roche today composes live spatially,creating immersive sound environments as site-specific responses. Roche's current solo work in 3D sound, exploring English Intonation across the island of Ireland, is kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland Music Bursary Award 2018.