Hargadons Session, 4:30pm: Isotope with Katharine Timoney


Richie Buckley, saxophone

Myles Drennan, piano

Hugh Buckley, guitar

Dave Fleming, double bass

John Philip Murray, drums

with special guest Katharine Timoney5.-cabaret-club1-2015

ISOTOPE  has its origins in the 1970’s. For many years now, the core has consisted of: Richie Buckley on tenor sax, his cousin, Hugh Buckley on guitar, Myles Drennan on piano, often joined by Dave Fleming, on double bass. This year sees them joined by an old friend, John Philip Murray on drums.

From its earliest days, the band’s material has been mostly jazz standards and this is still the root. In addition, new material by Irish composers including Hugh and Richie gives the band a wealth of colour and excitement.

Special guest Katharine Timoney is one of the leading lights of the ever growing Northern Ireland jazz scene.  You might find that a short Hargadons session is not enough to satisfy you, but worry not… you can catch Isotope – and Katharine – again, at Friday’s festival club in the RIverside.