Past Years Tutors

On this page: Previous faculty members

2015: Our 10th Anniversary Faculty – Our biggest faculty ever, with 18 tutors giving workshops &  masterclasses & leading ensembles

SAXOPHONE:  Ernie Watts, Ciaran Wilde, Cathal Roche, Matthew Halpin

VOICE: Liane Carroll, Veronika Morscher

PIANO: Gwilym Simcock, Brian Priestley

BASS:  Chuck Rainey, electric bass, Guest of Honour, plus John Goldsby, double bass, Steve Rodby, double bass

DRUMS & PERCUSSION: Adam Nussbaum, Paul Clarvis , Stephen Davis, David Lyttle

GUITAR: Mike Walker, Mike Nielsen

TRUMPET: Linley Hamilton


Band-In-Residence, The Impossible Gentlemen:

Gwilym Simcock, piano

Steve Rodby bass

Mike Walker guitar

Adam Nussbaum drums

2014 Sligo Jazz Project Faculty

Piano: Alan Broadbent (New Zealand/USA), Brian Priestley (Ireland)

Vocals: Judy Niemack (USA/Germany)

Drums/Percussion:  Paul Clarvis (UK)  Stephen Davis (N Ire)

Double Bass: John Goldsby (USA/Germany), Steve Rodby (USA)

Electric Bass & Double Bass: Steve Rodby (USA)

Saxophone: Andy Middleton (USA/Austria), Matthew Halpin (Ireland)

Trumpet: Linley Hamilton (N Ire)

Guitar: Jeanfrancois Prins (Belgium/Germany) Mike Nielsen (Ireland)

Saxophone & SJP Youth Academy Director Cathal Roche (Ireland)






2013 faculty

Piano: Kenny Werner (USA)

Vocals: Ian Shaw (UK)

Drums: John Riley (USA)  – Stephen Davis (N I)

Double Bass: John Goldsby (USA/Germany)

Electric Bass: Janek Gwizdala (USA)

Trombone: Marshall Gilkes (USA/Germany)

Saxophone: Jean Toussaint (USA/UK), Cathal Roche (Ireland)

Trumpet: Linley Hamilton (N Ire)

Guitar: Sandro Gibellini (Italy), Mike Nielsen (Ireland)

Piano: Phil Ware (Ireland)



Sligo Jazz Project International Summer School Faculty, 2012

Double Bass:  Rufus Reid (USA) –  John Goldsby (USA/Germany)

Electric Bass: Michael Janisch (USA/UK)

Vocals: Diana Torto (Italy)

Drums: John Riley (USA)  – Stephen Davis (N I)   – David Lyttle (NI)

Piano:  John Taylor (UK) – Brian Priestley (UK/Ireland)

Percussion (Jazz/Afro Cuban/Brazilian): Paul Clarvis (UK)

Saxophone: Alan Barnes (UK), Matthew Halpin (Ire)

Trumpet: Linley Hamilton (N Ire)

Trombone: Marshall Gilkes (USA/Germany)

Guitar: Sandro Gibellini (Italy), Mike Nielsen (Ireland)


This is a list of the great tutors we have had in Sligo in previous years. If you have taught here and we have forgotten you on this list, please let us know and we will add you to the list! Use the dropdown menu to select some biogs too.

SJP tutors, past and present & those who gave workshops
Piano: John Taylor, Kenny Werner, Alan Broadbent, Chris Weisendanger, Greg Burk, Phil Ware, Brian Priestley

Drums/Percussion: Paul Wertico, Paul Clarvis, Stephen Davis, John Riley, David Lyttle

Bass: Rufus Reid, John Goldsby, Steve Rodby, Todd Coolman, Janek Gwizdala, Reggie Washington, Michael Manring, Dominique DiPiazza, Phil Donkin, Alec Dankworth, Michael Janisch

Guitar: Michael Nielsen, Ulf Wakenius, Andreas Oberg, Jeanfrancois Prins, Sandro Gibellini, Daniel Jacobsen
Saxophone/Clarinet: Jean Toussaint, Alan Barnes, Andy Middleton, Michael Buckley, Matthew Halpin, Cathal Roche, Gilad Atzmon
Trombone: Marshall Gilkes
Trumpet: Linley Hamilton
Vocals: Norma Winstone, Anita Wardell, Diana Torto, Cleveland Watkiss, Judy Niemack, Ian Shaw, Veronika Stalder, Suzanne Dowalby